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2024 Calendar of Events 
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2024 LALGA Weekly Play Days

                        June 2024:                              

  • Giggle Golf - 9 hole play every Monday. Tee times start at 3:00 pm. Social following play. Deadline to sign up is 5 PM Sunday.

Registration for this event

is via email link.

  • 18 hole play every Thursday.  Tee times start at 9:00 am.  Deadline to sign up is 5 PM Wednesday.

Call the Pro Shop to sign up for Thursday 18 hole play only.

2024 LALGA Member Monthly Events

                  April thru October :                       

  • First Thursday every month:  18-hole "Cat Fight".  

  • Third Thursday every month:  9-hole "Scrambles".

  • Sign-up for these events is via email link sent out the week before play.  Start time is 9 AM.


Do not call the Pro Shop. Registration for these events via email link.

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Come Play with Us

Join the Lake Arrowhead LGA!!!

Our Membership fee is $40 for January through December.  Newcomers are welcome any time during the year.  Make checks payable to "LALGA" and drop in the lock box located in the Ladies Locker Room at the Clubhouse.

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